Data Center Solutions
Cooling, Infrastructure, Safety
  • Precision Air Cooling
  • Raised Flooring
  • FM200 Fire Suppression
  • Climate Control
Data Center Solutions
Precision Air Cooling
Precision cooling systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of data center heat loads.
Fire Suppression
Protect critical assets from the risks of fire. A waterless fire protection system that reaches extinguishing levels in less than 10 seconds.
Climate Control
Provides stable and reliable connectivity between local sensors, actuators and remote or central control systems.
Raised Flooring
Easy access to underfloor area. Stable understructure with Perforated Airflow panels.
Leak Detectors
Quickly locate sources of leaks within your plant. Different types of wet process sensing products tailored to specific applications.
Prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised.
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