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Fire Detection System
Automatic Fire Detector 440 Series
The Automatic Fire Detector 440 Series is an innovative addition to Bosch’s expanding fire systems portfolio. These advanced analog addressable detectors are a generation ahead of other devices – setting the standard for reliable fire detection and false alarm prevention.

- Multicriteria and multisensor fire detection
- Intelligent Signal Processing
- Self-monitoring feature
- Employs a powerful combination of optical, thermal and carbon monoxide detection
Avenar Detector 4000
- eSmog to identify and resolve critical conditions
- Electric smog resistance
- Constant data collection for real-time values and long term averages
- Intelligent Signal Processing and Dual Ray Technology
- Early detection even in the most challenging environments
- Robustness against electromagnetic pollution without accessories
F220 Heat Detectors
- Two-wire or four-wire bases
- 50 ft (15.2 m) maximum spacing between detectors
- Tamper detection
- Dual color LED
- Visible identification of model: F220-135 = no ring, F220-135F = gray ring, F220-190F = black ring
F220 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
- Two-wire or four-wire bases
- 30 ft (9 m) maximum spacing between detectors
- Clean chamber without removal or disassembly
- CleanMe signaling capability
- Sensitivity readout on detector
- Detector chamber compensates for dust build-up
- Tamper protection
- Dual-color LED
- Optional CO-sensor, heat-sensor enhanced detection chamber
FCP-500 Conventional Flush-mount Smoke Detector
The FCP-500 series is the industry's only flush-mounting ceiling detector. Using revolutionary, patented Bosch technology, it appears as a smooth plastic plate, flush with the ceiling surface.

- Detector mounts nearly flush in ceiling
- Unique dual virtual chamber design
- Flat face plate and lens
- Custom color face plates
- Optional carbon monoxide sensor
- Anti-masking sensor
- Contamination sensor
- Drift compensation
- Easy installation and mounting
- Compatible with almost all four-wire capable fire alarm control panels
FPA-1000 Compact Fire Control Panel
The FPA-1000 is recommended for a wide range of commercial and public building applications such as retail, schools, universities, manufacturing plants and health care facilities.

- Plug-and-play installation
- Multiple cable types in the same network
- Remote programming and diagnostics
- IP-based reporting
- Integrated gas detection
- Enhanced safety and efficiency
FPC-500 Conventional Fire Panel
- Plain text LCD
- Available up to 64, 128 or 256 detectors
- Optional use of EOL module (EN 54-13 requirement)
- Strong 3 A power supply
- High-value modern optics – suitable for public access areas
LSN RF Fire Detection System
- High level of transmission and functional reliability
- Transmission path monitoring
- Optical RF Smoke Detector with interference immunity
- Up to 30 Optical RF Smoke Detectors
- Maintains LSN loop functions
- Highly efficient, simple installation, flexible expandability and automatic configuration
RADION smoke
- Built-in sounder for alarm alerts
- Visible LED that indicates smoke detector status
- Supervised for tamper and removal from mounting surface tamper conditions
- Operational up to 5 years using two user replaceable CR123A Lithium batteries
× oeme iso certification