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Conceptpower DPA
Energy-efficient, rack-mountable modular UPS from
30 kVA to 1.5 MVA
Conceptpower DPA 500
- High efficiency modular UPS for high power applications
- Fulfills power requirements from 100 kW to 3 MW
- Provides maximum availability for those who aim for zero downtime.
Energy-efficient, vertical-scalable modular UPS from
10 to 200 kW
Liebert 610 series
- 225 - 1000 kVA
- Space-effective system
- Up to 94% of operating efficiency
- Field-proven reliability
- Multiple configuration options
- Specially designed to protect large-scale, mission-critical applications against complete data center power quality problems and outages.
Liebert NX 225-600kVA UPS
The Liebert NX 225-600kVA UPS with its attractive features, provides the best power protection solution. The dynamic response unit provides fast seamless transitions with zero battery damage and significant energy savings.
Liebert NXL
-  250 - 1100 kVA
- Displays, monitors, and diagnoses battery parameter.
- Created for data center power protection and uses its advanced technology for high power applications.
- User-friendly interface, with colored touch-screen controls
Designed for large manufacturing plants through to
mega data centers.
Designed for commercial and industrial applications,
from 150 kVA to 3 MVA.
Power Wave 33
Energy-efficient UPS from 160 to 500 kW
× oeme iso certification