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110KV Oil Immersed Power Transformer

The core of 110kV power transformer is high quality silicon steel, with several layers lapped. It is low loss, low noise, and anti-shortcut etc. Now it is wildly used in power station, power plant, and gets high praise from them.

220KV Oil Immersed Power Transformer

220kV on-load-tap-changing power transformer is made of high-quality silicon-steel sheets, and laminated by steps. It is advantageous in low loss, low noise, low voltage partial discharge and high anti short-circuit capacity.

35KV Series Three-Pahsed Oil-Immersed Transformer

35kV grade transformer is with the following characters: low loss, low noise, protection for thunder and lighting, and anti-shortcut capacity, beautiful appearance etc. It is made by advanced assembling lines and method, with qualified parts. It is with for remote functions: remote communication, remote test, remote adjustment, remote control.

Amorphous Alloy Transformer

Its core is amorphous alloy. The amorphous alloy is with relatively high magnet induction intensity, low coercive force, low loss, low stimulated magnetic current, and stability with temperature changes. Amorphous alloy transformer, comparing to the silicon steel S9 series transformers, the empty loading loss decreases 78-80%, empty loading current decreases 50%. Its energy saving effect is very visible, it is a energy saving, environmental protection and high efficient transformer.

Combination Transformer

Our combination transformer, (also called American box transformer) combines the body of transformer, switch, and fuse, and other accessories. There are two high voltage load switches; terminal and ring which could apply for different distribution network systems. It is compact, and small, cheap, quick to install. It could be used outdoors as well as indoors. It could also satisfy the requirement as the calculation of consummation, reimbursement, low voltage division. It is easy to operate.

S9 Series Three-Phased Oil-Immersed Transformer

39 series three phased oil-immersed transformer uses new structures of insulation and anti-shortcut etc. Its features are advanced internationally. Comparing to S7 series, the empty loading loss decreases 10.25% in average, empty loading current decreases 37.9%, loading loss decreases 22.4% in average, it is the upgraded version for energy saving.

SC(B) Series Resin Insulated Dry Transformer

High voltage coils are wrapped with Polyester enameled wires, filled with glass fiber, and then resin under vacuum condition. It becomes solid under high temperature. It is with high mechanical intensity, low discharge partly; Low voltage coils are wrapped with a whole piece of copper foil, with strong anti-shortcut capacity. The core is made of silicon steel. By reasonable choosing magnetic density, decrease the empty loading loss effectively.

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