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Leroysomer Alternator

Leroysomer is world top AC alternator manufacturer, owned by Emerson electric company. The series alternator LSA37, LSA42.2, LSA43.2, LSA44.2, LSA46.2, LSA47.2, LSA49.1, LSA50.2 and LSA51.2 Powered covered 5-2700KVA.  Leroysomer 4 Pole alternator are in compliance to the main international standards and regulations: IEC 60034, NEMA MG1.22, ISO8528/s, CSA, UL1446, UL1004B on request and depending on voltage, marine regulations, etc. It can be integrated into CE marketed generator.

Alternator are designed, manufactured and marketed in an ISO9001 and ISO14001 environments

MP Series Alternator

MP series alternator coupled with diesel engine can be used for for all occasions, also can be used as emergency power supply. MP series generator unique design, advanced structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, easy to use, available for all the application. The technology of Marathon is the reprentative of international advanced level.

Single Bearing Stamford Alternator
- Power Range: 8-1250kVA (5-1000KW),
- Three Phase, 50Hz, 1500rpm, IP23, Class H,
- Rated voltage 400V, 110-690V option
- A. V. R. (Automatic Voltage Regulator)controlled
- 12 wire reconnectable winding
- 100% famous brand copper wire
- 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents
- Dynamically balanced rotor
- Sealed-for-life bearings
- Available Permanent Magnet Generator(PMG)
- Reliable supplier with Quality Materials
- Easily coupled with power networks/ gensets
- Balance rotor with single or two sealed ball bearings
- Convenient installation and easy maintenance
- Easy access to terminal, rotating rectifier and coupling bolts
- Wide range of flange adaptor and single bearing coupling disc
Stamford Alternator

The power range of STAMFORD alternator has covered 7KVA- 2200KVA. The alternator can couple to all the Power Engine. The series alternator include BC16?BC18, UC224, UC274, HC4, HC5, LV6, HC7. 

× oeme iso certification