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Gates & Turnstiles
Automatic Pedestrian Swing Gate RFID Card Reader Infrared Sensor Security Turnstile
The Swing Turnstile can easily integrated with machine, electronics , miro-processor control and ID identification, provides convenience for use of card reader identification equipment, such as IC card,  ID card, bar code and fingerprint.
Electric 316 SS Security Flap Barrier Gate Turnstile Gate With IR Sensor 13.56mhz Card Reader
It has a cold-rolled steel plate or 202 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel casing optional. Also have Sixteen modes for passing through lanes.

It also Can be used with variety of card readers: IC / ID card readers, bar codes, fingerprints, etc. (Access controller needed). The gate auto opens when power off and auto close when power on, complying with fire safety requirements.
Electronic Full Height Turnstile Security Entrance
With the strength of a heavy-duty steel frame, full height
turnstile gate provides floor-to-ceiling security. A Full
Height stainless steel turnstile can be used for one-way
or bi-directional passage and are usually integrated as
part of a security access control system. Depending on
traffic flow and entry/exit patterns, when more than
one lane is required. The full height turnstile installation
manual is also easy.
FBL5000 Pro
The FBL5000 Pro is a single lane flap barrier turnstile series
designed for smooth and silent operation and draws very little power. It’s made of stainless steel which makes FBL5000 highly durable.
Network Access Control Tripod Turnstile Gate Semi Automatic Standing Type
Semi-Automatic Type: When power off, it will be dropped the
arm to the request of fire protection. When the power is on
again, the arms can also lift by hand. Once an open signal is
given, it need to manual push the arm to rotate.
As a state-of-the-art optical turnstile, OP1000 maintains a
high security level as a half-height turnstile. It replaces the
traditional physical barriers by utilizing active infrared beams
to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals.
RFID Access Control Full Height Turnstile Automatic 120 Degree Single Channel
It has an easy operation and almost free maintenance. The longer lifespan of up to 5 millions times. It also Adopt ARM control technology which has stronger function and better expandability.  

It is a upgrade product of intelligent tripod turnstile and
swing barrier. This product is finely processed with complete
functions and high level, suitable for high-level neighborhood, intelligent buildings, hotel, subway, port and club, etc.  
Safety Performance Speed Gate Turnstile High Intelligent Access Control 100 Watt
It has a quick opening, safety and convenient features, it is the ideal management equipment for pedestrian high frequency access. The device housing are formed by imported SUS#304 stainless steel stamping, beautiful and generous shape, anti-rust, durable. Standard electrical interface for external use, easily integrated with RFID card reader, bar code reader, fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition etc. Specially designed to meet the fire requirements of the function, convenient for people to evacuate in an emergency.
The ZKTeco SBTL3000 single lane swing barrier turnstile is an elegant cost-effective entrance control system designed for high-traffic volume.

SBTL3000 barriers are normally held in a locked position, thus denying access to the secured side. Upon SBTL3000’s reader (RFID and/or fingerprint) positively recognizing a user’s valid access card or fingerprint, its barriers swing automatically, thus allowing users passage to the secured side.
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