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Alarm Monitoring
BIS - Access Engine (ACE)
- Sophisticated access control with direct alarm management
- Seamless integration and interaction with video, fire, intrusion and PA/VA systems via the common BIS platform
- Installer-friendly configuration through the use of door model template definitions and the import of existing cardholder data
- Advanced visitor and parking-lot management
- Integration of third-party products via open protocols and SDK
BIS - Automation Engine (AUE)
- Highly sophisticated alarm and security management system for fire and intrusion panels
- Integration of public address and voice alarm systems for efficient evacuation of buildings
- Detailed monitoring of other vital systems, such as HVAC, throughout a site
- Easy integration and configuration of subsystems through consistent use of world-wide OPC standards
- Automation of emergency responses to subsystem alarms through user-definable rules
- Management of operator rights to restrict visibility and control
BIS - Security Engine (SEE)
- Uses serial or Ethernet communication
- Provides time schedule control
- Provides command and control of devices from clients and servers
- Supports the administration of intrusion and entry systems in G-Series Control Panels
- Supports the Conettix D6100/D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway
- SEE lets you tailor an alarm and security management system to your own individual requirements
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