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Access Controls
Access control panels
- Intelligent access manager for one to eight entrances
- Four interfaces include the reader power supply
- Standard 2 GB compact flash
- LCD display for displaying information
- Self-controlling send and receive switching
- Individual electronic verification of plugs and outputs
- Input for an externally connected tamper contact

ARD-MiniProx - Proximity Reader
Non-contact access control readers for connecting to an
access controller with Wiegand interfaces.

This compact reader is suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting and for door jambs in particular. It is operated
on the door controller via the Wiegand interface.
IP Based Fingerprint Access Control Systems
- Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication
- Optional standalone user management
- Slim and elegant design(500mm width)
- Multi color LED
- Anti-passback doorzone supporting 32 readers
- Wiegand output and internal door relay
- External relay unit for secure door control
- Proximity cards
- Enhanced security with Secure I/O through encrypted communication
- Different authentication modes (fingerprint and/or
TCU 9000i Terminal Control Unit
The new TCU 9000i terminal control unit comes with a faster and more powerful microprocessor, greater memory capacity  and greater power efficiency, all in a more compact unit.

The TCU 9000i is an intelligent controller suitable for multiple
applications, particularly for building security and control.
Terminal Control Unit 8000P Series
The Series 8000P Terminal Control Unit  (TCU8000P) is a universal intelligent controller suitable for multiple applications, particularly for building security and control systems. It also serves as a basic building block for the Power Vision Enterprise Security Management System.

- Door Access Control
- Lift Access Or Lift Call Control
- Vehicle Boom Gate Access Control
- Time Attendance & Management
- Visitor Management
- Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
- Guard Tour Monitoring
- Lighting & Utilities Control
- Facility Booking Control
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