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Video Management & Analytics
BIS Video Engine ( VIE )
- Seamless integration of all Bosch viewing and recording devices under one application with a common look and feel; likewise many 3rd party video devices.

- Advanced video functionality for enhancing intrusion and fire detection as well as access control and intercom through the common BIS platform

- Direct command & control of video devices from the central map viewer
Bosch Recording Solutions | 17 Bosch VRM and video storage arrays
Tailored to meet the unique demands of CCTV and
video surveillance. Optimized for 24/7 operation,
our NetApp RAID-DP technology delivers ‘peace of
mind’ video storage without compromise.
- Detailed, control of each video-stream
- High ‘in-the-box’ scalability, servicing and centralized management
- Network-based recording even during temporary network outages
- RAID-DP provides enhanced data protection
for up to two disk failure events
Bosch Recording Solutions | 19 BVC software
- Free up to 16 IP channels, max capacity 128 channels
- Live view of up to 20 SD or HD IP channels
- Playback up to 4 SD and HD channels simultaneously
- Convenient 10-minute direct recording for two sources
- Locate events quickly using motion, alarm and forensic search
Divar Hybrid Recorder 700* Series
- Perfect for medium to large demanding surveillance environments
- Detailed, real-time H.264 HD and SD recording capabilities
- IP streams up to 60 IPS at 720p and 30 IPS at 1080p
- Supports up to 16 analog and 16 IP video sources
- Up to 8TB internal storage with optional RAID-4 protection
- Integrate text data from an IP source or using a bridge device
- Embedded design delivers lower cost of ownership
- Software development kit and technical support for third-party integration
DLA 1200 and 1400 Series
- No fuss network CCTV recording for up to 64 channels DLA 1200) or up to 128 channels (DLA 1400)
- Low maintenance embedded design combining NVR server capability with intelligent video storage
- Powerful, user-friendly software options cover a wide range of system control capability
- Reduces hardware costs by up to 45% and installation costs by up to 50%
IVA 5.60 Intelligent Video Analysis
- Embedded analytics eliminates dedicated PCs
- Adds metadata for forensic search to recordings
- Broad range of detecting tasks and object filters
- i-LIDS approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications
- i-LIDS approved event-based recording system for sterile zone monitoring applications
Video Client 64-camera license
- Live viewing of multiple cameras
- Local recording and snapshots
- PTZ control and digital zoom
- Playback and export from storage
- Motion and forensic search
- Direct connection without any configuration
- Available as either a software-based IP
video recording and management solution or an all-in-one IP video management appliance
- IP video recording and management up to 64 sources
- Supports H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG devices and HD/Megapixel cameras
- Flexible network access options including
web browser remote access and viewing
- Compatible with Bosch Video Management System
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